Now in beta 3: Affiliate Portal pro add-on

Affiliate Portal, more than a dashboard

Our whole team keeps working hard on what we were calling the Affiliate Dashboard. Learn more about that on the Beta 1 and Beta 2 blog posts.

But first, you must know, we have decided to change the name.

Affiliate Dashboard is now – 🥁 ➡️ 🎉 – Affiliate Portal.

Previous beta users, be on the lookout

If you upgrade from beta 1 or beta 2, the plugin will now have a new name on your WordPress plugins page: AffiliateWP – Affiliate Portal

After the plugin has updated, be sure to refresh the Plugins screen and check that the Affiliate Portal plugin is still active. WordPress will deactivate a plugin if the folder name has changed. If it’s not active, click “Activate” underneath the plugin’s name. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause. 

For anyone else using beta 3 for the first time, you do not need to do anything.

Why the name change?

A “dashboard” is typically referred to as a single page where key metrics are displayed (like the WordPress dashboard area). 

We feel the word “portal” better describes what the add-on is. It also more closely aligns with existing affiliate marketing terminology.

So Affiliate Portal it is! 🙌

Have you done any other improvements lately?

Oh yeah, plenty.

Referral Link Sharing

Enable your affiliates to easily share links right from the Affiliate Portal. From your WordPress admin, go to AffiliatesSettingsAffiliate Portal and look under Referral Link Sharing. Simply enable Twitter, Facebook and/or Email as desired.

Referral link sharing wp-admin setup
Screenshot - Affiliate Portal - Referral link options
Referral link sharing options

Support for the Custom Affiliate Slugs pro add-on

We’ve added support for our popular Custom Affiliate Slugs pro add-on. Your affiliates will be able save and revise their slug settings all from the new intuitive Affiliate Portal interface.

Screenshot - Affiliate Portal - Modify custom affiliate slugs
Modifying Custom Affiliate Slugs on the Affiliate Portal

Allow Affiliate Feedback

Together we can keep making the Affiliate Portal better. If you want to help, you can enable the Allow Affiliate Feedback option from your WordPress admin. Go to AffiliatesSettingsAffiliate Portal to enable the setting.

When enabled, your affiliates can access the feedback screen by clicking the feedback icon in the top right corner of the Portal. They can leave feedback on their experience with the Portal that will go right to us. It’s optional, and we don’t collect any personal data.

Screenshot - Affiliate Portal feedback option
Affiliate Portal feedback

Support for the Order Details for Affiliates add-on

If you use the WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads integrations you can allow affiliates to see referral order details. For example: customer name, order amount, or order number. Use the Order Details for Affiliates offical free add-on and you will love how it looks within the Affiliate Portal.

Screenshot - Affiliate Portal order details display
Order Details within the Affiliate Portal

Other improvements


  • A problem where “Back to site” links were not working with certain URL configurations
  • A duplicate title tag in the <head> section
  • The Portal was sometimes not loading correctly if a custom page template was assigned
  • The browser could slow down (or crash) on the Portal’s “Dashboard” screen if there was a large amount of referral data
  • The Statistics screen was showing incorrect Conversion Rate percentages
  • The top-right user menu was having layout issues with long email addresses


  • We made the error messages more clear on the Affiliate URLs generator
  • The Campaigns table on the Statistics screen now shows “None set” when using referral links with no campaign
  • Made the styling on ‘Copy Links’ buttons more consistent with the rest of the Portal
  • Better management of the way the portal loads scripts from other plugins, resulting in fewer conflicts and better performance
  • We added a new section for coupons, if your affiliates have them assigned

We’ll keep working hard

The full release of the Affiliate Portal will be here soon.

Remember we strongly advise against installing a beta version of a plugin on your live / production website.

🙏 Beta testers, thank you for trying it out. We’d love your feedback.

The Affiliate Portal will be available only to Professional license holders.

🤩 Purchase a Professional license

👉🏾 Login to upgrade to Pro or download the beta

Joe Wells

About the author:
Joe is a Product Marketing Specialist at Sandhills Development. For years he’s been helping people and organizations kill it with WordPress. He is also the founder of a new alternative accounting solution for your side hustle or small biz called HustleBooks (powered by Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP). He and his family live and play just outside Detroit. A busy dad, he enjoys running, watching and creating films.

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